Who is Fee?

Mama of 2 beautiful babies. “Mom-prenuer" which consists of; Creator of MindfulFee, Celebrity Makeup artist, certified life and wellness coach. When its all said and done, I'm figuring it out just like everyone else! Difference with me is I do it out loud and I’m not afraid to make mistakes. "Mistakes" is where growth happens!

I started to challenge my beliefs after going through a really hard depression post having my eldest child. In getting myself healthy, I began to heal wounds I didn't even know I was allowing control me. I challenged my belief system and started to create my own rules, finding what worked for me. I use my social media platform to express and document my self love/realization journey. Inspiring others around the world, to do the same.
The moment I realized, I was the only one standing in my own way, I began to pivot. Pivot to what works and what felt good. I had to face myself and flaws. Learning to love and embrace them, but always keeping it real with myself. I’ve learned being gentle with myself, allows me to be gentle with others. My relationship with self, dictates the way I see the world. How do you see yourself? What does your world look like?