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You can change. You can have everything that’s meant for you. You can manifest anything that God has mentioned to you. Those dreams you keep having are a blueprint for designing your life. It’s all possible, and waiting. It starts with your mind and then the rest aligns… It starts with you. With an open heart. With a mindset shift. With unlearning the limiting beliefs that have held you back, then learning the self-love and discipline that is required for the next level. We’re here to support you in that process. Real support. When you join the Collectively Mindful community, you’re gathering with like-minded women who want to elevate. Here, we will honor our authentic selves, take accountability for what’s kept us stuck, and share what’s helping us move into expansion and abundance.

A Memo from Fee

Growing up I’ve always been a helper. Some call it “middle child syndrome”, I call it my purpose. I’ve always had this desire to help people find their purpose for internal fulfillment.
When I think back to my single parent childhood, it’s always been the root of what I do. Wanting nothing but to help my mom and relieve her of the weight she carried, all on her own. As an adult, I practiced my coaching and business development with friends/my MindfulFee community, in hopes of sharing that internal fulfillment. I enjoy sharing gems I’ve learned in the process of prioritizing my health and building my own businesses. I became a certified life and wellness coach in 2018. Before offering my services, I worked on myself wholeheartedly. With the intention of being able to guide people properly. I’ve mastered my mental health and built a six-figure business since then. I am now ready to share that with you! Having a mentor in life and business is a blessing! It's a game changer! I’ve waited five years to put my coaching to work, and here we are! I can believe in you all day, but do you believe in you? Life and business run parallel to one another and once I got my mental health in check, my business followed. Now, it’s your turn! Let’s Build, Let’s Grow!

XoXo – Fee

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Here's what our community has to say!

Fee! You have inspired so many people, while you were also navigating through your own life changes. I recently had a child, and needed advice how to manage mom life along with still obtaining my own goals. She provided good advice in a time I really needed that extra" push" as a new mother. Your community is very grateful for all that you do to inspire us. Personally, I am grateful for the words of encouragement you gave to me. You have a supporter indefinitely! May God continue to bless you and your beautiful children. You are definitely a blessing to others!!
Forever inspired by you, your posts, your encouragement and your podcast. Whether it's coparenting, therapy or just being a badass woman!
I am coooooonstantly inspired by this page and Fee. Always motivated by her posts and she actually has responded to me several times about therapy and other things I've struggled with
1, 3, 4 and 5. I told you this a long time ago but I'm copying and pasting again because it's so important to me! "This might not be something that you'd consider serious but for me it was. After having an emergency csection and really just being in a bad bad funk after the traumatic experience your vibe box helped me get back to a small sense of normalcy. Your prayer on the card, the essential oil, the items for cleansing my home and my aura and the incense really helped give me back a piece of myself and brought me calmness." 2 also but through your posts and energy! I just haven't found a way to get mine started yet.
Felicia is the reason I started @planher.co I remember I screenrecord a motivational story of her where she was saying to "JUST DO IT" and kept repeating "I'm not sure who this message is for" and I often replayed that video. At that moment, I released fear and started my business and it has been wonderful ever since.
I've messaged you before and have always been met with kindness in return, when you never had to do that. You are so inspiring to me. I love the brand and I've made several purchases for myself and as gifts. I believe in supporting women, black women, and small businesses especially through the pandemic. I manage programs that serve victims & survivors of Domestic Violence. Your advice is always on point from your quotes to what you say on the podcast. As a young mother to now having an adult child and grand baby a lot of how you think reminds me of my young self. No one teaches us how to parent adult children and you give me motivation to start that conversation in someway. I love your straight forward attitude and no sugar coating delivery, I'm the same way. I can go on and on, but thank you for what you do. You're truly a light in this world especially for young business mamas.
Thank you for always giving me advice you have no idea how much I appreciate it I always speak good about you to my family and friends I'm for ever great full for all the knowledge you give us and more then ever I love how you keep it Fuckin REAL lol I literally was like who do I ask for advice and more the anything who can i trust when it comes to my babies and you popped to my head! lol
Fee has made me motivated by the things she shares and her mama's experiences. Feel seen
Hi guys my name is Criselen and wanted to share my testimony: I started following mindfulfee and Fee's personal page because I heard her speak on the mama's den podcast! Her advice was alway relatable and spot on. As a new mom I wanted to hear more. I found Fee in social media and thus also mindfulfee. Once I found mindfulfee on social media I went back as far as I could to hear more videos of advice. Anything from mommy life, spirituality and taking your vitamins her energy is really homegirl energy and makes you feel like your not alone
Felicia has helped me in the past via dm on a old page I had. It was regarding coparenting and what the next steps are if stuff isn't working out with your child's father. She gave advice and examples of what you can do to pick up the piece's after a breakup & how to financially support yourself as a single mama.
Fee is really my best friend, she just doesn't know it yet. Lol She gets my ass up and moving. Has me thinking of Fee can do it, we can do it! When I'm having an off day I go straight to her page. Her stories are motivational and inspirational! I appreciate the vulnerability and honesty and community she's build.
Hi Felicia, I just want to share with you and tell you you're one of my main inspirations for the changes I made in my life. I've followed you since 2015 watching all your makeup stuff. But most recently Everything you shared about mental health and creating such a amazing platform for women. All of it helped me get out of an abusive relationship and go after my happiness. I documented party of my journey this year. I just wanted to share and thank you for being a great light in this world. Love and blessings
You seriously are one of my favorite pages like there's no anxiety you show your flaws and acknowledge the shit that be hard! Like I've been following since before Zen and when Peace was little and I feel like were homegirls you just have such a beautiful soul (I know we've never met) but I can feel it and I appreciate your vision and transparency so never give up! I will always continue to support you and mindful fee I've been working really hard to accept the stages I'm in regarding my weight loss journey because I've fallen off falling into a depression but you've just always inspired me to keep trying to keep goinv I would write so much more but that's the jist #mindfulfeesupporter oh one more thing the characteristics of a WOC I cut that out and its posted on my desk
Fee! Thank you so so much for that message you just spread to all of us. I felt God's word thru ur message. It was so thought provoking in the most special way. It really aligned with my thoughts & journey I'm currently on. & I'm 100000% sure it resonated with so many others. You are doing it man!! And I'm so happy to watch ur growth

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