The Arc by Jhené Aiko

Felicia La Tour
MindfulFee was invited to Jhené Aiko’s healing retreat where women attended for a spiritual experience where they could enjoy a day of dance + yoga, meditation, sound healing and breath-work.

Insecure Fest

Felicia La Tour
To celebrate the last season of HBO’s Insecure, creator and star, Issa Rae, curated an in-person gifting experience featuring all Black-owned brands, including MindfulFee.

Hot Mama Summer

Felicia La Tour
MindfulFee attends Hot Mama Summer, an annual pop-up curated by Fashion Mamas.

BLM Kids March

Felicia La Tour
Through a dark period of constant police brutality and racial injustices, MindfulFee came together in community for an in-person march for children to voice their rights on equality and feel pride in their blackness.